Scope & Committees

The 12th ISHPMIE is aimed at providing valuable opportunity, in which scientists on explosion phenomena and specialists on industrial explosion hazards can meet together and exchange their ideas and information. The presentations will cover a range of industrial explosions-relevant fundamental studies including experimental and modeling development, prevention and mitigation strategies and investigations of actual accidents.

The detailed scope is as follows:

  • Case histories
  • Detonation & DDT
  • Dust explosions
  • Explosion modeling
  • Explosion prevention
  • Explosion mitigation
  • Flame propagation
  • Flammability & inerting
  • Gas explosions
  • Hybrid explosions
  • Hydrogen safety
  • Ignition & extinction
  • Release & dispersion
  • Risk management
  • Runaway reactions
  • Spray & mist explosions
  • Vapor cloud explosions
  • Vented explosions 

International Organizing Committee

  • T. Skjold (Norway, Chair)
  • P. Amyotte (Canada)
  • R. Dobashi (Japan)
  • R.K. Eckhoff (Norway)
  • S. Frolov (Russia)
  • W. Gao (P. R. China)
  • M. Nifuku (Japan)
  • M. Pegg (Canada)
  • I. Sochet (France) 

Honorary Members of the International Organizing Committee

  • R. Klemens (Poland)
  • K. Lebecki (Poland)
  • P. Wolanski (Poland)

Local Organizing Committee

  • J. R. Taveau (Fike Corporation, USA – Symposium Chair)
  • J. Snoeys (Fike Corporation, Belgium – Symposium Co-chair)
  • T. M. Farrell (Fike Corporation, USA)
  • J. E. Going (formerly Fike Corporation, USA)
  • R. Kennedy (Fike Corporation, USA)
  • T. Lombardo (Fike Corporation)
  • D. Miller (Fike Corporation)
  • M. Morefield (Fike Corporation, USA)
  • A. Rangwala (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA)
  • D. J. E. M. Roekaerts (TU Delft, The Netherlands)
  • I. Sochet (INSA CVL, France)
  • J. Vingerhoets (Fike Corporation, Belgium)